5 Ways to Transform Your Graduation Gown into a Fashion Statement

graduation caps
How do you set yourself apart from a crowd of hundreds of other people wearing the exact same thing as you? Standing out at graduation is no easy feat for even the fiercest fashionistas, but there are a few ways to add a little more personality to your boring cap and gown. Here are five style tips to distract from the fact that you’re totally wearing a shiny potato sack on your big day.

1. Rock a Fun Hairdo

Those hair-flattening mortarboards sort of make you want to give up on finding a decent hairstyle, but there are some ways to work around this curl-crushing enemy of fabulous hair. Keep it simple and feminine with loose waves, or make sure your hair stays out of the way with an adorable side braid. For unruly locks, secure your cap to your head by sticking in a few bobby pins to prevent an awkward moment.

2. Go Glam with Your Makeup

It’s your big day, so use this opportunity to have a little fun with your makeup for the occasion. Choosing the right makeup shades will depend mostly on the color of your gown, but nothing looks better with a black graduation getup than a bold red lip. Add some shimmer to your eyes and a hint of blush to give you that fresh-faced glow.

3. Add Sparkly Accessories

Accessories are key to showing off your personality on graduation day. Bust out a quirky pair of dangly earrings to add some extra sparkle and flavor to your graduation look. Experiment with fun themes like avocados, pencils and dolphins to keep your look cute and carefree. Rock a colorful statement necklace, some adorable bangles or a few bold rings to get your look fully blinged out.

4. Wear a Ridiculous Necktie

Neckties aren’t just for the boys. You can show off your sassy, punk rocker style by putting on a ridiculous necktie either right over your gown or just peeking out over the top. If you’re not into fun patterns, embrace the neon trend by choosing a vibrant color that contrasts well with your gown.

5. Decorate Your Cap

The trend of decorating your graduation cap has gotten especially popular over the last few years, and it’s easy to see why when you consider how difficult it is to personalize your graduation getup otherwise. Think of your cap as a blank canvas. Draw out a few designs, think of some inspiring quotes and browse through some of the caps former grads have made for some ideas. Rhinestones, glitter and studs are three essential materials for making your cap really stand out.

After a long and exhausting finals week, you’re probably tempted to just roll out of bed and accept your diploma in the traditional potato sack. As tempting as this might be, don’t miss this final opportunity to show off your style at school! It’s your big day, and you deserve to look as good as you feel.

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