Dental Implant Service – Making a Wise Decision

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It is not uncommon for people to lose their teeth before time, primarily because of an accident, tooth decay or some other dental problem. No matter what the reason may be behind the loss of teeth, it cannot be denied that people may find it immensely embarrassing because they can have a negative impact on their overall appearance. Therefore, individuals want to get them replaced at the earliest. In addition, there are some teeth in the mouth that play a more important role than others and they have to be replaced immediately or else it could result in additional dental damage. Previously, people used bridges for dealing with lost teeth, but now it has become common for people to opt for dental implant service.

There are definite advantages of using implants over bridges, which is the primary reason behind their growing popularity. Dental bridges are made from porcelain in order to help them in mimicking natural teeth due to which metal bracing is utilized for fusing them. Some bridges have the ability of supporting themselves and the dimensions of the bridge are determined by the formula called Ante’s Law. In contrast, titanium screws are used in implants, which are commercially pure. The process of installing the implants in the mouth begins when the dentist drills into the bone.

The titanium screws are placed inside the holes after they have been drilled and they need some time to fuse to the mouth and for the bone to grow around them. After a few months, when the bone has grown, a tooth is then placed over the screw. But, when a bridge has to be installed in the mouth, room has to be made so the dentist will typically shave off the tooth or teeth that surround the missing tooth. The porcelain tooth and the metal bracing have to be fused together and the tooth is affixed in the gap. In this way, the bracing falls behind the teeth and is fixed to them.

A dental implant service, such as Brighton Dental Implant Service,  is a better choice because implants are fused to the bone and are able to act as a real tooth. Bridges, on the other hand, are more similar to dentures in the way that aren’t permanently attached to the jaw even though they may be fixed in place. The benefit of using implants is that they last longer than bridges and have been known to survive for 20 years or more as long as proper oral hygiene is practiced for keeping them clean and healthy. In comparison, bridges don’t last for that long even with proper maintenance.

Moreover, the risk of infection and gum disease is high when bridges are used for replacing missing teeth. This is simply another reason why implants are a more preferable choice because the risk of such problem is minimal in this option. Both bridges and implants cannot be removed unlike dentures, but bridges are more uncomfortable for people. Thus, a dental implant service is a great choice and worth the cost that people have to bear.

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