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MCDBA certification certifies the skills of designing, implementing and managing SQL server 2000 databases. This certification is for an IT professional who develops logical data models, design physical data bases design, create data services, maintain and manage databases, install and control Microsoft SQL server, manage and configure security, and manage and optimize databases.

Experience requirement:

The targeted audiences for these certification exams are IT professionals. The applicant applying for the certification requires at least one year of experience of working with Microsoft SQL server.

Job roles:

The successful applicants can apply for the jobs such as database analyst, database developer and database administrator.

Types of exams:

To get MCDBA Certification the candidates have to clear three important exams and one voluntary exam. The important exams are as follows:

  1. Microsoft SQL server Administration
  2. SQL server design
  3. Microsoft windows server 2000 or Microsoft windows server 2003

Many of the exams of this certification are retired if the candidates do not have cleared those certification exams they cannot further continue for the other certification exams. If the candidate has clear the retired exam he can apply for the following exams:

  • Manage and maintain a Microsoft windows server 2003 environment with exam code 70 – 290
  • Manage, implement and maintain a Microsoft windows server 2003 network infrastructure with exam code 70 – 291
  • Plan and maintain a Microsoft windows server 2003 network infrastructure with exam code 70 – 293

These exams will also be retire on July 31, 2013

Exams objectives:
Different exams have different objective on which the candidate skills are evaluated. The main objectives of these exams are as follows:

Objectives of 70 – 290

  • Manage and maintain
  • Logical and Physical devices
  • Users, groups and computers
  • Access to resources
  • Server environment
  • Disaster recovery

Objectives of 70 – 291

  • Implement, manage and maintain
  • IP addresses
  • Name resolution
  • Network security
  • Network infrastructure
  • Remote and routing access

Objectives of 70 – 293

  • Server security and server roles
  • Network infrastructure
  • Security infrastructure
  • Network availability
  • Server availability
  • Remote and routing access

Exams language:

These exams will be taken in French, German, English, Korean, Chinese, Polish, Spanish and Portuguese languages.

Format of exams:

These exams will normally take two to three hours and consists of 40 – 60 different type of questions including multiple choice questions, case studies and simulation type questions and other according to the requirements of the exam you choose.

Exam preparation:

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