How to earn your first 1,000 fans on Facebook


fan-pageWe have created our Facebook Fan page and are ready to start shooting content but…. What happens? I forgot one really important fact, who shoot all that content.

Let’s be honest, quality care, but also the amount and much. We can apply the famous phrase ‘Size matters’. It makes sense. We need a minimum critical mass to start seeing real results in our actions of Marketing on Facebook. While it is true that depending on the brand, product and service quality, competition and how to present it will take more or less to see tangible results or what is the same, monetized through our actions of Facebook Marketing . We want our message to reach the largest possible number of contacts and potential consumers.

Note: Also important is the degree of involvement of your closest contacts, because if they interact continuously on your Facebook page will help you generate greater visibility among your contacts. See siblings, parents, friends on Facebook, brothers, cousins, mothers and pets.

Before you start posting on Facebook is recommended that you follow a series of steps:

1. Prepare content: Regarding your topic, the more content prepares better. Whether in the form of images, video, and written articles to write on the blog, offers, gifts, webinars … Anything you think may be of interest to your audience, the more you have prepared better, are you going to write in your strategy Social Media Marketing.

Note: Do not forget to monitor your competition to know what they are doing and try to improve.

2. Design an attractive Fan Page: Facebook does not offer the option in terms of design that can offer you a website but you can have a fan page appealing to the eye that consists of the following elements:

  • Photos cover profile and well-edited, well-flashy and reflect your brand image.
  • Fill in all the information to the description, links to your website and other social profiles. Make a preliminary study to include keywords in your profile and support the SEO.
  • Includes the applications you’re going to need as Twitter, Pinterest, Youtube and Landing Pages.
  • Keep an attractive wall with a mix of normal images featured images and meaningful publications with a clear message, well written and full of emotion.

Note: The users are moved by emotions, the same content expressed in a human and close you can get close to a 200% or 300% more engagement than if they convey the ‘style robot’.

Look at your competition! How they increase their no of fan. There is a trick that I do not practice but I have a few people who do not control Facebook. Start with a profile of friends, add people and make Fan page after getting some critical mass. No extent still allow this Facebook but until recently was still working, you play it. If I’m not mistaken, when it smells Facebook will not let you add more people. You can Buy Facebook Likes to get quick real fans. Here we turn to post, get friends to then as fans interact with your page. We started talking about the importance of the quantity and just talking about the quality of the fans. Therefore, the assembly is both the perfect mix.

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